Style Up! 6 small space hacks to make your BTO appear more spacious

Live big with these hacks that can help you create a home that looks bigger and better. The best part? No major renovations needed!

Having a smaller home doesn’t mean you have to live with less. Taking a cue from the revamped Mitsubishi Attrage that gives you big car comfort and greater value without breaking the bank, we take a look at how we can make smaller homes appear bigger. You’ll be surprised at how a small change can make such a big difference. With just a little bit of creativity and strategic planning, it’s entirely possible to live big in smaller spaces. Just like how the new Attrage’s enhanced tech features and sporty exterior allow you to live bigger and dream bigger, you’ll be able to make any house a home and create larger-than-life experiences in it with just some minor interior design adjustments. We have a chat with Alvin Ang, Senior Designer at Prozfile Design, for some design tips to help you create a space that’s both stylish and functional without having to do any major renovations!

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Don’t stop at white
You’ve probably heard that having white walls is the way to go. Yes, while white can make a space look bigger than it actually is, dark colours—when applied correctly—can have the same effect. “Most have the misconception that dark colours can make a room feel smaller. But sometimes a dark accent wall can give the room depth and make it look bigger,” says Alvin. “You can opt for neutral or earth tones and paint half the wall height throughout the room. This can widen the look of the room.”

mitsubishi-ID hacks 2 For this home, Alvin used a sliding glass door to maximise the space in the walk-in closet. Image: Prozfile Design.

Opt for sliding doors
Reduce door clearance space by going for sliding doors instead of hinged doors. We see this used often with BTO bathroom doors but why stop there? With the space you save, you’ll be able to allocate more for other furniture and get rid of that dead space behind a hinged door. Alvin suggests going one step further and using a bifold door (one that can collapse to one side) to open up the space even more and get full access to the space behind the door.

mitsubishi-ID hacks 3

Lighting is everything
Well-lit rooms help give an illusion of a bigger space. But don’t go rewiring all the lighting in your home just yet! Sometimes, strategically-placed lamps can do the trick. A table lamp can help brighten up dark corners giving the illusion of a bigger space, while a statement floor lamp beside the sofa can add extra illumination, add to the décor and show off your personal style! If you have access to natural lighting, even better! Use sheer fabrics for your windows to give the room an airy feeling.

According to Alvin, the colour of the light matters as well so it depends on the kind of mood you are going for. “The kind of light you use will also affect how the wall colours will appear—greyish walls will have a earthy tone under warm lighting.”

mitsubishi-ID hacks 4 A standing mirror does wonders in reflecting light and giving the illusion of a bigger space. Image: Prozfile Design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mirrors give the illusion of depth — really important for small spaces. They also help reflect light and brighter spaces always appear bigger. You can opt for mirrored cabinet walls in the bedroom to help make your bedroom appear more spacious. “The most common spots are at one side of the passageway or the dining area. I personally like using tinted mirror doors at the foyer/shoe cabinet area as it sets a mood and gives the space some personality.” And if you are feeling more adventurous, Alvin also suggests installing mirrors on the ceiling to create an illusion of an even bigger space.

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Don’t be afraid to go big
You may think that having a smaller space will restrict you to having only smaller-sized furniture or décor. Truth is, it’s all about proportions. Sometimes a larger art piece on the wall is more effective in making the space appear bigger than a group of small paintings or pictures that can make the room appear busy and cluttered. And if you’re going for large furniture, Alvin advises to keep it to just one focal piece and keep the rest minimal.

mitsubishi-ID hacks 6

And lastly, show some leg!
The main idea in making any space appear more spacious is to create more floor space. One way to do that is to pick leggy furniture that does not obstruct your view of the floor. “A table that has a pencil legs profile and a very thin table top allows the floor to be more visible, creating an illusion that the small space is larger than it really is.”



The Mitsubishi Attrage is a compact sedan that packs a punch, especially if you’re all about living big. It has an outstanding fuel efficiency of 20.4km/litre and easy handling—which means you can go further with less even if that includes going round the island looking for that pièce de résistance to accessorise your home with. You’ll also get more out of its large 450-litre boot space making it the perfect companion to your trips to the furniture showroom. The Attrage also features a Keyless Operation System (KOS) with keyless entry and engine start button, so you don’t need to rummage through your bag or pocket for your car key. Safety-wise, the Attrage has you covered — it has six airbags, and a RISE body that effectively absorbs crash energy from all directions. It also has Active Stability Control (ASC) which helps drivers gain control on slippery roads or during emergency maneuvers by engaging the anti-lock braking system (ABS) to counteract slipping.

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