YLO Hits London Westminster Hight Street by ©Pavel Badzhakov (fashion video coming soon)

Hi there,

It has been a while but now I am back with more fashion
photography then ever. My newest Fashion Videos will be presented
here too very, very soon. And I do have to show you lots of new

Today I am going to represent my latest fashion shoot I did together
with the lovely Yoanna @ BAD Models Management London! We decided
to hit the High Streets of Westminister in the middle of a busy day…
and the results were fantastic we think! Our MUA was Amara Mbeledogu
and we’re so grateful because she did some amazing make-up styles!

But.. Less talk, more work ;-)

Come and join us and have fun! We hope you’ll like our works.

Photography and Videography:: Badzhakov Photography Ltd London
Model:: Yoanna @ BAD Models Management London
MUA:: Amara Mbeledogu
Location:: Westminster, London
Video:: Pavel Badzhakov for Badzhakov Photography Ltd London ( will be here shortly)


About Pavel Badzhakov

Pavel Badzhakov is internationally published and presented London, UK based Fashion and Advertising photographer and Videographer. BADZHAKOV PHOTOGRAPHY LTD - Registrar Company House Certificate Number for England and Wales N:: 8210198 M:: +447583267252 E:: info{ @ }badzhakov.com W:: http://www.badzhakov.com
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