Milkana, Milkana and Valencia

Hi there, sweet fans of our BAD Models Management company :-)!

Our model Milkana was on a trip to the splendid Valencia, Spain
and we had the chance to have a glimpse of this marvellous place –
a piece of Heaven on Earth… We are so passionate too about getting
there soon and have some awesome video and photo shootings…
Milkana stole our hearts and picture them into the gorgeous
sands of Valencia’s shores……

Stay tuned!

She has some special photos for us too, now
Enjoy! :-)


About Pavel Badzhakov

Pavel Badzhakov is internationally published and presented London, UK based Fashion and Advertising photographer and Videographer. BADZHAKOV PHOTOGRAPHY LTD - Registrar Company House Certificate Number for England and Wales N:: 8210198 M:: +447583267252 E:: info{ @ } W::
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